We would like to remind you that your papers submitted to ICONST (2021) can be published in one of the International Journals listed as below after the completion of a formal reviewer process. Paper selection and the reviewer process will be done by the journals.

  • Science of Advanced Materials (SCI-Expanded) US$ 1080
  • Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics (SCI-Expanded) US$ 580
  • Bilge International Journal of Science and Technology Research (International Indexes) Free of charge
  • Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine (Chemical Abstracts, EMBASE (Elsevier)) Free of charge
  • Sensor Letters (Scopus, Elsevier Bibliographic Database) Free of charge
  • Book Chapters

    "INTECHOPEN (The world's leading publisher of Open Access books)". In case of a sufficient number of submissions, selected articles can be published as a book that indexed in WEB OF SCIENCE.

  • 1) Compact publication, short monograph: The requirement is 50-130 pages for compact publication. The price is 4,000GBP.
  • 2) Monograph, long publication: The requirement is 130-500 pages for compact publication. The price is 10,000GBP.
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