ICONST"Science for Sustainable Technology" INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY September 2-5 2020 in Budva, MONTENEGRO

Welcome message!

  Dear scientists, academics, experts and industry representatives; We are pleased to announce that ICONST Conferences 2020. ICONST Conferences will be held on 2-5 September in 2020 in Budva / MONTENEGRO, hosted by the Fakultet za Biznis i Turizam (FBT-Budva), with the partnership of the Faculty of Transport, Communications and Logictics (FSKL), UBT (University of Business and Technology), Universitetit “Ukshin Hoti” në Prizren, Kolegji AAB, International Balkan University (IBU) and International Vision University.

   The theme of ICONST Conferences will be "Science for sustainable technology."

   ICONST offers three different thematic symposiums These are:

   • International Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technology (EST)

   • International Conference on Life Sciences and Technology (LST)

   • International Conference on Natural Sciences and Technology (NST)

   You can register for the conference appropriate for your expertise and upload your abstract or full text. The language of ICONST Conferences is English. Your papers will be published in related symposium proceeding books with ISBN number.

   In order to increase the scientific quality of the articles participating in the conference, we are trying to publish selected qualified articles in partner journals. In this way, we hope that the researchers will participate in the conference with more qualified studies without worrying about publication. There are different partner journals.

   • Science of Advanced Materials (SCI-Expanded)

   • Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics (SCI-Expanded)

   • Bilge International Journal of Science and Technology Research (International Indexes)

   • Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine (Chemical Abstracts, EMBASE (Elsevier and the other International Indexes)

   • Sensor Letters (Scopus, Elsevier Bibliographic Database, and the other International Indexes)

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Budva, Montenegro !

Yours sincerely,

The Organizing Committee of ICONST Conferences



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July 31st 2020


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  We would like to remind you that your papers submitted to ICONST (2020) can be published in one of the International Journals

after the completion of a formal reviewer process. Paper selection and the reviewer process will be done by the journals.