The Venue of International Conference on Science and Technology (ICONST 2018) is University for Business and Technology (UBT).

University for Business and Technology (UBT) is a private university located in Kosovo. UBT is an established in 2001 and innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo which combines the advantages of internationally recognized universities. UBT provides a dynamic and international study environment for Bachelor, Master and PhD students through high-quality, problem based learning. The education offered at UBT include lectures in foreign languages by lecturers and scholars from abroad which creates an international study environment for both domestic and international students. With over 50 fields of study to choose from, students can select a field of specialization that fits with their aspirations and develop the concentrated knowledge necessary to become a successful entrant into the labor market. The number of enrolled students is about 10.000 students.


Announcement for Turkish participants

Değerli Akademisyenler, International Conference on Science and Technology (ICONST 2018) değişen Akademik Teşvik Yönetmeliği’ne uygun olup, en az 5 farklı ülkeden konuşmacı katılım sağlamaktadır.
Ayrıca, tam metin çalışmalarınızın çeşitli SCI, SCI-Expanded ve Uluslararası indeksli dergilerde yayınlanma imkânı bulunmaktadır.
Sempozyuma son başvuru tarihi 31 Temmuz 2018 tarihine kadar uzatılmıştır.


Abstract submission form

Deadline for abstract submission:
May 15th 2018
June 30th 2018

July 31st 2018


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We would like to remind you that your papers submitted to ICONST (2018) can be published in one of the International Journals after the completion of a formal reviewer process. Paper selection and the reviewer process will be done by the journals.