Abstract / Full Text Submission

  • Abstract should not exceed 400 words and it must clearly indicate the problem, objectives, research methods, results and conclusions.
  • Authors may submit up to 2 abstracts. Presentation combinations can be; 1 oral+1 poster, 2 oral, 2 poster.
  • The conference has a double-blind peer-review process. Any paper submitted for the conference is reviewed by at least two international reviewers with expertise in the relevant subject area. Based on the reviewers’ comments, papers are accepted, rejected or accepted with revision.
  • Presentations must be done in Turkish, English or Albanian.
  • All abstracts must be written in English.
  • The abstracts will be printed in the proceedings & abstracts book with ISBN Numbers.
  • Optional, if the authors prefer to send a full text paper after accepted abstract, full text papers should be sent to (info@iconst.org) Please indicate your submission ID.
  • Full papers can be submitted in Turkish or English languages.

***Please submit your abstract paper using the formatting of the templates.

  • For the submission process, each participant must fill in THE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM for each abstract.
  • The abstract papers as word format (.doc) should be attach to the abstract submission form.
  • After accepted submissions, participant must fill in THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM with papers ID numbers.
  • Bank receipt should be sent by e-mail with attachments (info@iconst.org).
  • Please do not forget to write the full name and papers ID numbers in the description section, when you pay for the conference registration fee. (For example; Name-Surname, ID 32 and 33)

Poster presentations

  • Poster dimension is 70 x 90 cm (70 cm wide and 90 cm height).
  • Spelling rules can be done according to the author's own preferences.
  • The logo of Bilgesci should be used on posters.
  • All posters must have portrait orientation. Handouts of posters are encouraged. At least one of the authors is required to be nearby his/her poster for questions and discussion during the sessions for which the poster is scheduled.
  • Poster presentations must be prepared in English.

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Announcement for Turkish participants

Değerli Akademisyenler, International Conference on Science and Technology (ICONST 2018) değişen Akademik Teşvik Yönetmeliği’ne uygun olup, en az 5 farklı ülkeden konuşmacı katılım sağlamaktadır.
Ayrıca, tam metin çalışmalarınızın çeşitli SCI, SCI-Expanded ve Uluslararası indeksli dergilerde yayınlanma imkânı bulunmaktadır.
Sempozyuma son başvuru tarihi 31 Temmuz 2018 tarihine kadar uzatılmıştır.


Abstract submission form

Deadline for abstract submission:
May 15th 2018
June 30th 2018

July 31st 2018


ICONST - Facebook pages


We would like to remind you that your papers submitted to ICONST (2018) can be published in one of the International Journals after the completion of a formal reviewer process. Paper selection and the reviewer process will be done by the journals.