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Budva, one of the Balkan countries, is the most popular tourist city of Montenegro, and it is a balkan city known for its beautiful sandy beaches, beautiful bays, cliffs, small islands and amazing nightlife. The city, which has a population of approximately 10,000 people, is the center of country tourism. The city is one of the oldest settlements on the coast of the Adriatic Sea with a history of 2500 years. Some places that need to be shipped in the city are Old Town, Sveti Stefan, Sveti Nikola Island, Hisar, St Sabas the Sanctified Church, The Holy Trinity Church and Marina.


Herceg Novi is a coastal city in Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor. The city has a population of 17,000 people. Located on an area of 235 square kilometers in the foothills of the Orjen Mountain, this beautiful and sympathetic city still carries the traces of its history dating back to the 1300s. Especially the old city part called “Old Tow” attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are many places worth seeing in the city. Some of these are Bloody Tower, Old Town, Church of St. Michael the Archangel.


City on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. Dubrovnik is capital of MONTENEGRO with 40 000 inhabitants It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, a seaport and the centre of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Its total population is 44,615 (census 2020). In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

The name Dubrovnik of the Adriatic city is first recorded in the Charter of Ban Kulin (1189). It is mostly explained as dubron, a Celtic name for water (Gaulish dubron, Irish dobar, Welsh dŵr, dwfr, Cornish dofer), akin to the toponyms Douvres, Dover, and Tauber[18]; or originating from a Proto-Slavic word dǫbъ meaning 'oak'. The term dubrovnik means the 'oakwood', as in all other Slavic languages the word dub, dàb, means 'oak' and dubrava, dąbrowa means the 'oakwood'.


Kotor is a secret and protected port city, one of the most beautiful shores of the Adriatic Sea. It is small but very important in terms of historical and architectural artifacts. The city has been listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1979. The city, which is frequented by ships and yachts, is home to one of the important ports of the region. There are many important buildings of historical and cultural importance in the city. Some of these places are Old Town, Gospa od Skrpjela Island, Kampana Tower, Kotor Cathedral, Sveti Luka Church, St. Nikola Church, Pima Palace and Napoleon Theater.


Located in the southern part of Macedonia, the city of Ohrid was founded in the ancient city of Liknidos. Ohrid, the largest settlement on the edge of Lake Ohrid, was named after the steep hill on which the old city was located. Ohrid lake is the oldest and deepest lake in Europe. It is one of the first four lakes with the most clear water in the world. There are many places worth seeing in the city, as well as the ohri lake. They are Tsar Samuel Castle, St. John’s Church, St. John’s Church. St. Clement Church, Ohrid Castle, Ancient Theater of Ohrid and St. Petersburg. Naum Monastery.


According to the 2020 census, the city proper and had while the total population of Bar 44,431 inhabitants.

 Bar is located on the coastal western border of Montenegro on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is approximately 53 kilometres (33 mi) from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.To the east is the largest lake in the Balkans, Lake Skadar. To the west, across the sea, is Italy. In the Old Bar there is also a place Podgrad (Undertown), which dates from the middle century, but in which people live even today. In the community there are several old inns, shops, craft shops, s well as meat market. In Podograd two mosques and a catholic church of St. Marija are situated.

To stay in Bar, and not visit its old part, that is, the Old Bar, it is the same as if you haven’t been in that town at all. The Old Bar, which is 4 kilometers away from the center of the New Bar, is situated on a very steep cliff in the base of the mountain Rumija. The town has been successively built for several centuries. Primarily the area that the Old Bar encompassed was much closer to the shore, but because of the frequent pirate attacks, population had to move to interior, so today the Old Bar is almost 5 kilometers away from the sea.


Prizren is capital of Kosovo with 200-235 000 inhabitants, and also a University City with over 15 000 students from throughout the country. Prizren is a political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic center of Kosovo. It is very dynamic city, with bright and positive youth, with many cultural, arts, urban and sport events held in the town through the year.

As the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo, it is the center of cultural and artistic development of all Albanians that live in Kosovo. Prizren is situated on the border with Albania and is the province where the Turks live most. The officially speaking provinces are Turkish, Albanian and Serbian. The main attractions of the city include Prizren Castle, Stone Bridge, Cuma Mosque, Şemseddin Ahmed Bey Bath, Namazgah, Prizren Clock Tower, St. Arhancel Monastery and Şeyh Osman Halvet.